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In our last post, we discussed the benefits that bamboo has as a flooring surface for hot yoga.  In this one, we’d like to discuss some of the other alternatives that we can provide for yoga flooring.  Both of these alternatives are new to us, but are manufactured by companies that we have known for many years and have great reputations.

·  Zebra Yoga Mats – these mats are designed with hot yoga in mind.  They’re not really the type of yoga mats that we traditionally think of, but rather a wall-to-wall flooring solution.  They have a tough vinyl Tatami surface which makes them easy to clean and assures that participants will have precise traction, even in very humid conditions, in either bare feet or with athletic shoes.  This surface is adhered to a foam layer which allows the flooring to conform to the participants’ bodies as they perform various yoga routines and reduces the need for an individual yoga mat.  The mats are completely sealed and waterproof and will not expand or contract by either humidity or heat.

These mats are available in individual mats that do not need to be glued down, but can be tightly butted to walls, or rolls, which are glued to the subfloor and are totally seamless.  Right now, the product is available in three Tatami surface colors.

·  Pavigym flooring – this flooring has been around for many years, but is especially appropriate for yoga rooms.  They are interlocking tiles that fit together so precisely, that they don’t allow moisture to penetrate the seams.  They’re uniquely made of one polymer material, in which the top portion of the tile is sold and the lower portion is foamed so that it has cushioning from thousands of tiny air pockets, giving the tiles their resilience.  The surface is stable and provides excellent traction as well. The solid surface is also waterproof and easy to clean.

The tiles can either be glued in place, or simply butted tightly to the walls loose laid, making installation simple on either a temporary or permanent basis.  These tiles come in four stock colors, including wood grains, but dozens of colors can be ordered. 

These are two more alternatives for your hot yoga rooms.  Both are somewhat less expensive than bamboo, and present none of the problems that the alternatives of either hardwood or carpet suffer from.

If there’s another solution out there that has worked for you or that you’ve heard of, let us know.  We’re always on the lookout for the perfect solution for every type of activity.

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