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Hot yoga flooring

If you’re opening a hot yoga studio right now and are looking to outfit the place and do a search on the internet for “hot yoga flooring”, you come up with results that range from concrete to carpet to wood flooring.  Problem is that there’s a down side to every one of those alternatives.  Concrete .. read more

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New Products!

If the blog has been pretty quiet since IHRSA last month, it’s been because we got a lot of information at that show and we’re still filtering through it all to bring it to our customers. We’ve got some exciting new things going on and we’re sharing them with you as fast as we can. .. read more


Kettlebell training has really gotten to be a big thing over the last couple of years and, while I haven’t actually tried a class myself, those I know who have tried it absolutely love it.  It’s great to see resurgence in a piece of equipment like this, since it provides variety to group exercise. Problem .. read more

Bamboo Terminology

We have spent a lot of time on bamboo in this blog.  If you’re wondering why, it’s because bamboo is such a new product and it can be greatly misunderstood.  That and the fact that we’re learning more about bamboo every day as well, and this blog is all about sharing what we’ve come across .. read more

Who Thought Hex-Head Weights Were a Good Idea?

I was observing a group exercise class at a club that is part of a major health club chain a while back. As one class wrapped up, participants for the next class were filing in, and as they came in, they all grabbed a mat and put it down to establish their territory. Then, many .. read more

Utilizing Our Installers

We’ve discussed installing our floors yourself, but I also really can’t say enough about our installers who go out and install our flooring systems.  All of them are great guys and true craftsmen.  I can tell you that they will provide you with a quality installation of whatever you purchase, every time. But I realize .. read more

Installing our floors yourself

So, now that you’ve got your brand new sports floor, how do you get it from the box and into the space where you need it?  Installation makes all the difference in how a floor appears.  It may work perfectly well, but you’ll have a hard time impressing that on a prospective member if the .. read more

Happy Holidays from Fitness Flooring!

Suddenly, it seems, the holidays are right upon us.  Like most, this gives us time to reflect and think about all that’s transpired over the last year.  We have to consider that, in difficult times, we have much to be thankful for.  Our friends, our families, our customers and all the people who have helped .. read more

Humidity and hardwood floors

The ever-dropping temperature reminds me that it’s fall and soon we’ll be turning on the heat, if you haven’t already.  It also means that more people will be heading indoors to exercise which is great news for your facility! Of course, the thing about turning on the heater is that it more quickly dries water .. read more

“Free-Floating” floors?

As you’re aware, wood flooring comes in a number of different species, but what you may not be so familiar with is the various constructions that hardwood floors come in. I want to quickly touch on those constructions that are most often seen in fitness applications because the construction has a lot to do with .. read more