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The Return of Carpeting to Fitness

A lot of things change over time, but it’s not often that you see things actually begin to change back to the way that they once were. Well, that’s what’s happening to weight room flooring these days, and I think it’s actually a pretty positive thing. Let me explain – for years we’ve been trying .. read more

Formaldehyde Article

As there often is, there’s a good article in the latest edition of Hardwood Floors magazine, which came across my desk this week. This one is entitled “Formaldehyde Fears”. Sounds like pretty exciting, right? Well, it’s a growing concern about composite wood floors that are glued together using glue that contains formaldehyde. Problem with formaldehyde .. read more

Club Industry Trade Show

Here we are, just two weeks from the Club Industry Trade show in Chicago. It seems to have just snuck up on us. We’re hoping for a great turnout and I would encourage anyone who is able, to attend for a day. This is likely the last year that it is going to be in .. read more

Testing…1…2…3, Testing

Performance testing of sports floors may not be the most interesting part of what we do, but we do recognize that it is an essential part of our business.  After all, no one wants to know more than us that we are providing a floor that is going to perform well over time and that .. read more

Keeping your Exterra floor looking new.

As you’re probably aware, virtually every hardwood floor is coated with a polyurethane finish on top of it.  This finish is similar to laminating a sheet of plastic over your floor and helps prevent it from damage, absorbing moisture, and from wearing poorly.  However, over time and with regular use this polyurethane layer can get .. read more

Bamboo is sprouting up everywhere!

It seems that suddenly, everyone is talking in the trade media about bamboo flooring.  First there was the announcement last month that First Coast Fitness was one of the winners Les Mills’ Ultimate Studio Search, for their group exercise room that featured our Zenterra bamboo flooring.  This month, Club Industry has an article entitled, “Green .. read more

How’s it Made: Recycled Rolled rubber flooring

It’s kind of interesting, really.  Of course, I’m  fascinated by how about everything is manufactured, so I’m easily impressed. Anyway, in short, you basically take ground up tires and throw those into a big vat.  Into that, you mix a certain percentage of colored rubber – many rubber rolls are made with 10% color chips added .. read more

Your new rubber tiles

Let’s talk a little bit today about rubber tiles.  Say, like this one from Duraflex.  They’ve increasingly grown in popularity lately, because they’re thick compared to what we’ve been used to, which is a 3/8” roll or tile.  They do a much better job of cushioning the dropping of free weights, and most people like .. read more

5 ways to prevent water damaged floors

Okay, enough about what water can do to a wood floor.  What’s more important is how can we prevent this from happening?  So, here are the top five things that you can do to make sure that your floor isn’t damaged by water: 1)      Water bottles can be a huge source of damage to the .. read more

More about water damage to wood floors.

We’ve already seen what can happen to the surface of wood flooring when it gets water damaged.  The drawing above illustrates what happens to wood floor structurally. These drawings indicate two different types of water damage.  The top drawing is one of “cupping” where the edges of the boards become higher than the center part .. read more