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Water Damaged Flooring

Water Damage to a Wood Floor If you’ve never seen it before, the picture to the right illustrates some pretty severe signs of water damage to a wood floor. Here you clearly see the black marks at the end of the board and also along the sides and the ends of the individual pieces, or staves, within the .. read more

You like us, you really like us!

When we’re at tradeshows, several of us who are on the supplier end of the industry often get together informally after show hours to discuss trends that we see in the industry or what strategies are working well to get our products exposure to those people who are currently looking to buy fitness equipment.  One .. read more

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Some Initial Thoughts on Flooring

Besides being in Fitness first, we are, after all a flooring company. We realize that most of you didn’t enter your businesses because you were flooring experts. But safe and proper flooring is a necessity in any fitness facility and so you’re going to, at some point, want to know that you’re investing in the .. read more

A Blog About the Fitness Business

A Blog About the Fitness Business

Thanks for stopping in at our blog! I know what you’re thinking – “Great, a blog about fitness flooring. How exciting ….” And we couldn’t blame you! But we always say that we’re in the fitness business first. So, we want this blog to be more about the fitness business and the excitement and energy .. read more