Ananda for Yoga

Ananda is the new designer yoga floor designed specifically for both the “hot” and the “not” yoga studios.  Both systems utilize a designer maple surface that is color washed to create a unique weathered appearance and laid over an insulating cushioning pad.

  • For “Hot” Yoga – the system utilizes and engineered product made up of a 5/8″ thickness X either 5″ or 7″ widths.  The top surface is a 4.5mm solid maple hardwood that is prefinished and constructed over a multi-ply Baltic Birch.  This multi-ply system allows the wood to perform consistently, no matter the humidity level or amount of heat in the room, making it the ideal solution for hot yoga;
  • For “Not” Yoga – this system utilizes a solid maple plank in a 3/4″ thickness X either 5″ or 7″ widths.  The maple is prefinished and utilizes a microbeveled to make sure that you have an even installation.  Because it is a solid and more susceptible to fluctuations in humidity, it is less ideal in rooms of high humidity, but ideal for those who have more typical climates.

The two systems are virtually identical on their face and come in three color washes – white black, or gray – that compliment the look of the hardwood face.  Both are extremely durable and have a three year finish warranty and a lifetime structural warranty.