Aveer is a totally new innovation in rubber flooring, that provides precise traction and a one-of-a-kind appearance that is unequaled by any other type of rubber flooring currently available.

Compared to reground tires, Aveer is made of virgin rubber and its solid state makes it extremely easily to keep clean, with a high gloss finish that maintains its appearance.  With its pyramid surface, Aveer also provides ideal traction, that it is so vital in free weight lifts.

The tiles are a full 1″ and the hidden interlock and zero radius edging makes the surface look virtually seamless, unlike recycled tiles, which typically have a beveled edge that detracts from the seamless appearance and allows dirt to accumulate within the bevel.

Some of Aveer’s other benefits:

• Aveer is a solid virgin rubber tile – no thin “wear layer” at the top which only makes up 1/8th of the tile’s thickness, to cover up black regrind beneath.  This non-porous tile is solid color all the way through;

 Aveer contains no reground rubber – with the latest concern about the safety of reground materials, you have no fears at all with a solid tile of virgin rubber;

• The solid rubber creates a more resilient feel – the fact that it is not made of recycled material allows us to adjust the resilience of the product, and we’ve tuned it to be perfect for participants’ comfort;

• Aveer can relocated – because of the hidden interlock, Aveer can be installed without the use of adhesives in most cases, creating a floor that can be easily moved or reconfigured;

• Aveer is has incredible shock and sound deadening properties  – at an inch thick, and with our special formulation of rubber, Aveer will greatly reduce sound transmission and the shock of dropped weights;

• Aveer is available in solid colors – because of its formulation and unique surface, Aveer is made in solid colors, with no marbelizing or different color flecks needed in the compound to hide dirt;

• Aveer has a 10 year warranty – we’re so sure that Aveer will perform well for you for years to come that we warrant your investment for years to come.