CarpeTile™ Sport

CarpeTile has the look and design flexibility of traditional commercial carpeting without all the problems that has kept people from using carpet under fitness equipment in the past.

Unlike commercial carpet, which is woven with cloth fibers, the material used in the weave of CarpeTile is an antimicrobial polypropylene material that does not absorb moisture. Since the tiles are not made of cloth threads, the weave also does not fray and will not release small fabric fibers that will get into the motors of your expensive machinery and cause them to work harder. They also do not indent from the weight of machinery and do not need to be cleaned as frequently as commercial carpet. Their construction also makes them permanently anti-static.

Because CarpeTiles are much more durable than carpet, this product carries a seven year warranty.

Construction: Non-woven diagonal ribbed carpet tile
Pile Fiber: 100% solution dyed polypropylene
Face Weight: 53 ounces Per square yard
Total Tile Weight: 169 ounces
Total Tile Height: .37 inches (approx. 3/8″)
Backing: Bitumen
Tile Size: 19.69” X 19.69”
Wear Warranty: 7 years
Electrostatic Propensity: Permanently Anti-Static