Corkboards are designer floating planks that can tolerate things like spills, water leaks, and excess humidity that can be part of an every day life in a fitness area.  While a wood floor might incur expensive damages from any of these conditions, Corkboards will remain completely unaffected.

Yet these vinyl planks maintain all the look and feel of a real wood floor.  The vinyl layer is available in a number of stains and species and adds a designer look to your fitness areas.  This durable vinyl is laminated to a thick cork layer, which provides exceptional comfort and excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.  The installation can be completely free floating, so your investment can be removed or relocated.

Corkboards are extremely easy to maintain, as you do not have to worry about using a mop that is too damp, as you would with wood floors.  The material is so durable that we give it a 15 year commercial warranty.