Once the realm of the stereotypical bodybuilder, yesterday’s gym seemed exclusive and daunting.

Today however, this perception is rapidly fading. The approach to fitness and the market audience has become broader and increasingly sophisticated. The fitness facility focus has shifted to the baby boomer, the busy professional, the entire family. A wider audience has increased demand, and every year more facilities open, providing more options and creating more competition. Progressive owners have not only recognized this but have taken steps to portray an image that melds with the changing customer base. An image that is warm and welcoming. An image that appeals to the wider audience. In short, an image that sets their facility apart.

DuraFLEX has a look and feel that is truly unique. The result of over 15 years of formulation and design modification, DuraFLEX is a product that will exceed your customers expectations in comfort, durability and visual appeal. Set your facility apart with the innovative look and feel offered only in the DuraFLEX Series of Premium Fitness Flooring.

What is DuraFLEX?

DuraFLEX is an interlocking, dual durometer, premium fitness flooring system designed with a focus on four specific properties. DuraFLEX was engineered to maximize comfort, durability, functionality and visual appeal.



  • Raise the system off the floor creating plenty of air space for superior cushioning effect
  • Absorbs both sound and vibration
  • Allow cables to be channeled through the underside of the product
  • Evenly distributes fitness equipment weight over 64 pedestals per tile



  • Locks the system firmly in place without the use of adhesive
  • Non-shifting and non-separating
  • Simple, and efficient to install
  • Can be picked up and relocated or reconfigured to harmonize with any design or layout changes to your facility



  • ASTM Compliant for slip resistance
  • Fire resistant (premium series)
  • Tested for over 400,000 repeated impacts with and 800 pound blunt force
  • Available in a virtually unlimited number of custom color combinations