Cushioning system for Today’s Aerobic Athlete

Designed as an aerobic padding for carpeted group exercise areas, Exeraire is a unique multi-layered Polyethylene foam that is manufactured to provide the ultimate in performance. Exeraire is composed of three layers, with the top layer designed for foot stability and the bottom layers made to provide for necessary shock absorption.

Since Exeraire is manufactured using only closed-celled foam, it is impervious to moisture and will not allow the growth of molds and bacteria. Additionally, carpeting can be installed over the Exeraire Cushioning using a releasable adhesive that allows you to replace the carpet a number of times without any loss of foam system.

Hundreds of thousands of square feet of Exeraire have been installed in facilities nationwide, including these notable facilities:

  • Bally Total Fitness Centers
  • US Military Installations
  • World Gyms
  • Gold\’s Gyms
  • American Leisure Clubs
  • 24 Hour Fitness Centers
  • YMCA/YWCA/JCC facilities
  • Sportslife Fitness Centers