Exterra MP-2000

The Exterra MP-2000 system is designed for group exercise and multipurpose areas where lower impact activities take place. The MP-2000 system utilizes a 1/2″ foam, which possess less impact absorption than the standard Exterra floor, but still utilizes the 7/8″ solid hardwood flooring planks and the Silver Spring installation method. It’s a perfect floor for those facilities who seldom conduct so called “high impact” exercise on the floor.

However, it retains all of the qualities necessary for a safe flooring surface. It is a totally prefinished hardwood, which utilizes the unique clip system, making it easy and quick to install, relocate and reconfigure. It is also capable of being sanded and refinished a number of times, providing a floor that will be attractive and and useful for a lifetime.

Like the Exterra Classic System, the MP-2000 floor is warranted for five years.