Exterra Classic

Exterra’s system is unique because each board in the floor reacts independently of every other. The boards are held together with Silver Springs, which allows the boards to individually flex upon impact. This impact is then absorbed by the shock absorbing pad below the wood surface. The system assures that each individual on the floor will receive proper shock absorption, regardless of their weight class or level of impact.

Exterra is a premiere sports flooring system, designed specifically for group exercise. Unlike many other flooring surfaces, Exterra is not a modified basketball or racquetball court floor, but rather designed for the utmost in safety and performance for today’s group exercise athlete.

Exterra flooring meets or exceeds all of the DIN Standards for group exercise flooring, which have been judged worldwide to be the ideal standard for safe fitness flooring.

The Exterra floor goes in quickly and easily and can be moved or reconfigured should you need to move it to a new area. Only Exterra offers you this type of flexibility in a solid hardwood flooring surface.

Some advantages of the Exterra System:
  • Solid Hardwood – 7/8″ of solid wood, not a laminated products, so it can be sanded and refinished a number of times, ensuring a floor that will last and look good for a lifetime.
  • A free-floating floor – it’s not held down to the existing subfloor with any type of permanent fasteners, making the floor easy to move or relocate without causing a loss of your existing flooring investment.
  • Installation is quick – and easy. so much so that many of our customers have chosen to install the flooring themselves. Of course we also provide factory trained installers nationwide.
  • Easy to maintain – simply a daily dust mopping and weekly damp mopping keeps the floor hygienically safe and looking like new for years.
  • Prefinished product – which eliminates the extra expense and delays of applying finish to the flooring after it is installed.
  • Warranted – against defects for five years from the date of installation. If our factory trained installers do the installation, we warrant their work for five years as well.