Exterra Sport

The Exterra Sport is a hardwood floor system, utilizing an exclusive patented pad that allows for ideal shock absorption and ball bounce, while uniquely reducing vibration to a minimum. It’s a great economical system that can be used for a multitude of sports.

The system utilizes a 7/8″ solid prefinished hardwood on the surface. This is nailed to two layers of 1/2″ plywood that rests over our patented Isoflex shock absorption pads.  The use of the pads makes vibration from ball bounce and the movement of other athletes on the floor virtually unfelt by other participants.  No other type of wood floor can match this distinctive property of our padded system.

Even most larger floors can be installed in under a week since the prefinished surface does not require sanding and refinishing after installation.  The system is also of a very low profile at 2-3/8″

  • Carries a manufacturer’s warranty for three years after the date of installation
  • Can be sanded and refinished a multitude of times after installation
  • Has passed DIN and EN testing
  • Can be installed on virtually any level subfloor
  • Is an extremely low maintenance flooring system