Orange Peel

Why Orange Peel?  Because that’s the look of this very unique vinyl modular tile.  But that appearance helps to create exceptional traction for almost any type of floor exercises.  It’s made to have enough shock absorption and underfoot comfort for most types of activities, including almost any type of group exercise.  Still, the product is extremely affordable.

Tiles are 12” square and have a hidden interlocking system that makes the tiles easy for anyone to install.  The interlocking system is so solid that the tiles will not separate over time, and requires no adhesive, so you can disassemble them and take them with you if you want to relocate .  The tiles come in five colors and are so durable that the average life expectancy is in excess of twenty years.

The tiles do not allow the absorption of water and provide an antibacterial surface.  It is extremely easy to maintain and to keep looking great for years.

Orange Peel Colors

BlackGrayGreenTanTerra cotta