Zenterra Sport

Zenterra Sport is designed and performs just like a traditional maple basketball court, but is a much greener alternative than any traditional hardwood. That’s because, unlike hardwoods which require a growth period of 40-60 years before they can be harvested for flooring, bamboo requires only 4-5 years before it is once again at a height that can be used for flooring boards.

Additionally, the bamboo used for Zenterra Sport is rated as harder than either maple or oak when evaluated using the Janka test, so you know you’re buying a surface that will stand up to the standards that you’ve come to expect with a hardwood floor.

In laboratory testing, Zenterra Sport has been shown to meet or exceed the performance requirements for basketball under both the DIN and EN Standards.

Flooring boards are tongue and groove, 7/8″ thick and are nailed to 2 layers of FSC plywood that are installed over our exclusive, patented Isoflex rubber pads.  This padded system provides ideal performance and matchless vibration isolation.

Zenterra Sport has a three year warranty against manufacturing defects and is eligible for LEED points.